Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My First Day - Naseer

99 Decemberil aanu jnan Join cheyyunnath. .
Educationanil ennum sahiyicha ente uncle thanne ee timilum ente admissionu koode vannu...
Nattil ninnu direct buss ullathu kondu Wayanad oru stange district allathathnu kondum College kandethaan Budhimuttiyilla. ..

Note, I am the third least distant person in First Batch - after Aneej and Deepu.

as every one i Also completed all admission procedures with the help of my uncle.
After that we were searching for a Accomodation. Prayam chenna oral quarters kanichu thannu. Ownerinte peru jnan marannu.. oru adyapakante quarters aanu. 2 bed rooms total 6 per kaanum.. i think 250 was the rent...

I wenk back home with my uncle that day.. Next week I came with my "Heaven" meroon bag.. (Pazhaya Bag aanu.. Paavam Bag.. athu ente koode jeevikkan thudangeettu kaalam kure aayi.. ente Poly jeevithathil Oru varshatholam. . pinne Wayanattile muzhu-coursum. . Pinnedathu Tirur kandu.. Hhho Madrassil pokumbol enkilum athu rakshapedum ennu karuthi kaanum.. no Raksha.. athu ennem jnan athum vahichu monnottu thanne.. Pakshe Gulfilekku jnan porumbol paavathe eduthirunnuilla. . ennu vechu jnangal thammil pirinjennu thettidharikkalle. . jnan varunnathinu 2 weeks munpe ente jyestante koode athu Gulfil ethiyirunnu. . jnan veendum kandu mutti.. Innum athu jyeshtante aduth undu.. Kazhinja aazhchayum jnan athine kandennu thonnunnu... Long Live "HEAVEN")

Jnan varumbo class thudangiyittundu. ..(hey athu annu maathram alla athinu munpum even in my new job I follow that procedure.. sharp or late !!!) maths aanu... Classilekkum Teacherinem okke nokki kurachu samayam purathu ninnu.. Classil kayaraan paranjappo Valiya bagum vahichu pinnilekku nadannu.. Abijithinte koode.. GEC yile ente aadya suhruth.. Vaikunneram Thonichaalilekku ennem aanayichu Sreejithum Jyothishum nadannu.. avarude kayyil aanu HEAVEN ippol.. Ente orma shariyaanel jnan avide 7th person aanu.. Oral koode varaanum undu.. (Owner paranjathu - 6)oru cheriya kattilil randu perkku naduvil enne kidathi.. staright.. randu bagathum block... valathottum idathottum thiriyaan vayya.. Prayarinu aduth palli undo ennu anweshichu.. athum illa... athode randu divasam kondu Thonichaal jeevitham avasaanippichu. .. 4)o mililekku Fahiminte koode....

My First Day - Shameer

It was my first trip to Wayanad.
Somebody near my home told that its just 1.5 hours
from Kozhikode.

So i and my Uncle started from calicut at about
5:30 if aim not wrong..
The KSRTC bus was going like as Kaalavandi... and
that tooo it was till Kalpetta....

I thought Mananthavady will be very near to
it was already dark...

waited for another half an hour for the Bus to
another journey... but it was good...

i saw in my life first time... Aadivasis in that
reached mananthavady..... took a room... had a
bath and then had a big sleep.. hehe

next day morning... i enquired people abt
Government Engg College.. NO ONE KNOWS....
I was confused...

There was no Phone number also i think..
then i think one local person told that there is
one college near to govt arts college.. and he saw a
smaal board in the road side writted : GOVT ENGG

then took an auto.... auto was struggling to reach
the top...
reached the top.. went to arts college ...
returned without any problem... :-)

reached our beloved college..
Completed the whole official things.....

i still remember the frist steps to the class ...
some body is talking in english..
some body in malayalam..

somebody sitting without talking anything..

i was confused.. went and sat in the 4th bench...
Sat... then looked behind..
Renju laughed...


that was the starting...

My First Day - Deepu

My first day starts like this.
I went with my mother as well as one of our family friend and my
teacher - Jose Punnakuzhy.

The only one student I met during my admission date was Sunitha. My
admission number was 3, Sunitha's was 2, I forgot who got the number 1.
But still I am proud, that I am the third student who got admitted to
the college which nobody knew at that time!!!!

I remember she came along with her father, and she speaks only English.
THought that she is coming from some Gulf schools. A complete JAAAADAAA

Oke leave it, apart from that, the college seems to be hautned. There
were no much people in the college. Just 3 or 4 staffs and a principal.

The leaves fell down from the nearby trees were all over the campus and
inisde the class rooms. It just reminded me about going to the school
during the summer vaccation - around May.

It was very cold with a dry wind blowing at a high speed and I almost

My First Day - Runcy

I still remeber my first day in GEC . had very tough
time at that time .didnt know

where is wyanad .i was just a local town boy that time
.i called the railway and asked for any trains to
wynad .i heard laugh .they asked u havent travelled in
train till now .i said yes .and said good bye .

dad came with me .we went to kalpetta .one of my dad
friend was there .stayed there and they said its in
manathavady ,and they hav seen the board of gec .
didnt find any problem in finding the college .

but after reaching college ,i was socked to see the
way to the college .i thought wyanad is plain place
just like home town .dad found really difficult to
come through that hill .but he didnt say any thing . i
still feel that pain seeing him .he went back to home
town at that night .i said bye ,but didnt cry .

after reaching the collge,done with all formatlites ,i
saw our class.i thought every body is really studious
,i peeeped through the glass ,and i saw rajeesh and
jinny .they were really studious .

then i did a mistake ,i saw sreelal ..he was a jolly
person ..we thought of finding a place ..got a house
krishnettan's ..

then again a mistake ,sumit sunder appeared ..
then again mistake , pramod .,.

again comes in our arun ..

sreejit ...renjith ..

life changed ....

ha ha ha ha ha ...

My First Day - Sreekumar

My First day (January 6th 2000)...
the first bus travel to mananthavady from
Dad was with me...
when i saw the building at the hilltop i jus
wondered....shortly i came to know it was not our
college..as we climbed the steps we saw the small
board "GECW".
Then after finishing all the official procedures i
was in front of our "ROYAL CSE"...
My admission number was 147 probably the last
person to join GECW.
Thn I met Renju, Renjith , Ajith and Arun...still
remember their faces at tht time..
and the first time i entered the class..wow wht to
say...it was the perfect start for 3.5 yrs
journey..(more than tht , coz last time i went was
in August 2005 )

for the first time in my life i was far from my
family and no wonder soon the college become my
second family...my roommates Sreejith, Jyothish,
Sandeep, jishad, Sanoop, Baburaj, Umesh... the
perfect family...

this was my first day experience far away from my
family I got my another family...
Freinds And Mates I Love
You....................tht's my family

My First Day - Sandeep

i stll remember the day, as i step in there was
deepu and the other ones name i just forget , he was
from kannur, there was one problem ....
i forget to take my sslc with me, so the officials
were confused,
then we ge to know that the principal was from
varkala and we knew him, we contacted him thru phone
and he told officials to give some time to me,
but the most disgusting part of this is,
that principal was the first one who told me that
he will surely suspend me if i go forward with
politics, but i had to wait 4 more years to get
so the first day and last week of my gec ian day
will be in my mind till my last,
(since the suspension was for one week,

the rest u know .
i got something between the above 2 incidents is
u , the gecians

JOSH 2006

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Josh 2006 – The get-together of Royal CSE, the first batch of Computer Science from GEC Wayanad is going to happen in Bangalore on 29th October 2006. Once again, the old cherishing memories are getting filled in each of our minds.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Our College - Old & New

The class room which we spent 4 years of B.Tech program. If you look closer at the image you can see that now it is used as a lab

If you look closer at the image given above, you will notice one more flag post added, that was not there when we did our B.Tech. It is KSU(Indira)

Surroundings of Our College

These pictures may bring different memmories to you all, my dear gec friends. If you don't mind, please comment about what you feel or which incident comes into your mind while going through these pictures.

Temporary structures at the new location

These are the buldings which were used as lab, but we never went there for doing any lab. These bulidings were the one projected as the new engineering college facilities infront of the AICTE council to get AICTE approval, which now we know that is useful for nothing.

New buildings being constructed for the college

The view of the landscape from the new college

The scenaries surrounding the college is too good. Tea estates, small streams, mountains covered with clouds, foggy atmosphere!!

Met at work

Workers are trying to pull out a tractor heavily loaded with bricks from the muddy road.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Varuuuu... Oru Nimisham... Wayanattilekku.......

Manassinte oru konil innumilleee...............

Aa churam kayariyulla yathra.....?
Aa thanuppinte sukham....?
Aa cheru kunnu....?
Aa aquesya marangalum... Collegum.....?
Nummudethanenkilum nummudathallatha collegum groundum...?
Marannoo.. 4 Varsham oru class roomil naam irunnath....?
Ormayille ee manja bus...?
Ee bus namme keralam muzhuvan kanichu thannu...?

Aa samara dinangalum marakkan vazhiyilla....
Agoshikkukayayirunno naam...
Aa nalla nalu varshnagal....

Ee oru photo ningalkku santhosavum ormakalum tharunnenkil....
It is a gift from me..... my friends....

Monday, May 15, 2006

Memories from GEC – Part III

Shameer, Our dear Ikka describes our life at GEC in a wonderful and colorful way. In his opinion, describing the life at GEC in a nutshell is impossible.

Read the complete article here ==> OPENHAT.ORG :: Personal :: College

Friday, December 16, 2005


Dear Royal CSE bloggers
Many of you have already recieved a mail from Aneej regarding the formation of Alumine Association in our college. It is wonderful if we all could meet again. Hope everyone will co-operate with this task and provide all the support necessary for Sheeba towards the formation of our Alumine. Please take time to inform about this to our friends whom you are in touch with and who are not reachable through our blog or our group mails. Please ask them to update Aneej with their contact details and other datea. As I mailed earlier, Sheeba - lecuturer in ECE found out that we are the only one batch complete in all aspects from GEC. Lets go ahead and do it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Memories from GEC - Part II

A picture worths thousand words.
Arun Kumar described it in a wonderful way.
He described the whole life time in GEC with a picture

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Memories from GEC – Part I

Padmanabhan sir taught us mathematics in such a way that no one feels it like mathematic class. It was “MATHEMAGIC” class. He talks about all wild things or the theory behind every topic and the infinite applications of that topic. We named him “PAPPAN” or “PAPPAN MASH”.

Once the only session left for the day was Pappan’s session. None of us saw him around. We just want to confirm whether he is present so that we can ask him to arrange the session after which we can leave the college for the day.

I went to the department staff room to enquire the same. Most of the lecturers were there including the department head. I just asked the department head whether mathematics lecturer was present for the day. Indeed there were many other mathematics lecturers, so HOD asked me to clarify which one.

Pappan sir is so famous by the name that nobody knows his original name. I was in trouble; even I didn’t know his real name. HOD understood that I am not able to remember his name, so she insisted me to tell Pappan’s name.
At last I said, “PAPPAN SIR”. A huge laughter broke out in the staff room. For a moment I wished I could vanish from the scene. Actually they were also calling him by the same name, “PAPPAN”. When I think of the event in my mind, still I feel the frustration of the moment.

Anna Mutta (Elephant's Egg)

Those who haven't seen "Aaana Mutta", here is it.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Friends ...